View Full Version : $14.95 Robeez on Robeez Canada site

12-23-2011, 04:50 PM
Doesn't look like there are too many Canadian bargains posted on these boards, so I wanted to post that a couple of Robeez styles are marked down to $14.95 on the Robeez Canada website. (Interestingly, those styles are still $19.95 on the U.S. site.)

Girls sale styles (http://www.robeez.ca/Sale-Robeez-baby-shoes/Department.aspx?DeptID=350&PriceCat=1&Lang=EN-US) (I think there are 4 styles that are $14.95)

Boys sale styles (/www.robeez.ca/Department.aspx?DeptID=311) (only two styles – racecar and navy sandal)

Free shipping when you order two pairs. I just got two pairs of soft soles for $31.40 shipped.

HTH someone!