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03-15-2012, 05:23 PM
DS is 3.5 and has some delays (verbal being most significant). We've been waiting and waiting for screening and finally an evaluation. He is tremendously anxious about interacting with new people, so I was concerned about that. But, he did a great job, and actually talked to some new people.

I've been suspecting SPD, which they agreed with, but they suggested they saw some red flags for Autism and suggested we see a dev per, largely because they suspect more and better services would be available. I'm a little taken aback, I will admit. I'm also a little concerned about discussing this with DH. I think that Autism will be scary for him, and I think that he will likely react by denying it, and I think his denial would impede potential progress. I think I need to tell him that we are seeing the dev ped about the spd, period. I don't think he gains anything by knowing someone saw "red flags." My justification is that these women were not diagnosing him, just suggesting that we get a diagnosis (which could be one or more of several possible things). I will leave it to the dev ped to diagnose and DH will know what there is to be known when there is an actual diagnosis. (please don't tell me this makes me horrible, because I don't think that it will be good if I tell him--I think he will not want to go to the dev ped).

Anyway, think good thoughts for us for a near-by opening and placement in the public preschool where he'll have SLP, OT, ...

03-15-2012, 05:36 PM
Good luck with placement!

I don't know how I would proceed with spouse and developmental ped in your shoes, but I don't think it is necessarily wrong to wait for an evaluation to have a fuller picture to present to your dh.