View Full Version : Vistaprint - worth exploring if it's worth it

06-10-2012, 09:06 AM
I think it would be helpful to explore Vistaprint.com in the next edition of this book. They offer groupons all the time now, and I see their name pop up often on different wedding message boards.

My issues with Vistaprint are that their prices are always fluctuating, even once an item goes into your shopping cart. Other times, the coupons are great, but then the shipping prices are out of control.

One good way to save with them - once you spend $20 or $25+ and then start to check out, they'll go through a dozen plus suggestive sales pages. One of the pages has magazine subscriptions, offering you a free one. Typically I wouldn't even read that page, but this time I did and got lucky. At the bottom it had a box to click on a button saying something like, "I decline a free subscription, please send me a $20-25(one or the other) rebate in the mail". It brought me to an easy, printable form that I was to fill out and attach a copy of my Vistaprint receipt. I mailed it in, and about 4-6 weeks later I got a check in the mail.