View Full Version : Aveeno Baby and Calif Baby sunscreen BOTH gave my DD eczema!

05-05-2013, 03:43 PM
I even used the California Baby Super Sensitive fragrance-free product too! So much for the pricy stuff being better :banghead:

So DD is 20 months old. I know it's the sunblock because the eczema is only where I applied it. (face, neck and arms) We're having some rainy/cloudy days right now, so I haven't used any in several days and the eczema is almost gone (same with between Aveeno and CB) It's not chemical vs. physical sunblocking ingredients, since I used one of each. So what is - the thick, pasty consistency of the product doing this? Maybe a spray would be better?

I subscribe to Lucie's List and just got her newest blog entry with a list of recommended sun products. There's a spray called All Terrain KidSport I thought I'd try next - any feedback?


The odd thing is, she's not even all that sensitive otherwise. The only other product that has ever given her eczema is J&J baby wash, but that's the cheap stuff. Switching to Aveeno took care of that.

I heard CVS has Blue Lizard so I tried them today, turns out none of my local ones have it in-store (they checked) so it looks like I'll have to order from Amazon. Any ideas before I do that?