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06-05-2016, 10:06 AM
Two weeks ago I met my overseas mum in Florida for a family wedding with DS1. We met up in my airport, and I hadn't seen her since Xmas so I was bit taken back to see her in a wheelchair with the aid of going from to her gate to my gate for departure.

Fast forward to now with her staying in my house for 10 days. Twice I've had her in a situation with just 5-10 mins of walking, she's panting heavily and wheezing with sweat coming down her face.

She wants to go with me and my two boys to sesame place before going back home. I'm seriously concerned though, after prior incidents being visibility out of breath in just local walking. I know she'll hector me to slow down and go at her pace, which has happened and I do but if I have my two boys with me I generally walk faster to keep up with THEM.

How do you bring up suggestion mum MUST use a scooter of some kind if she wants to go SS with us? And what do I do/say if she says no I'll be fine without. DS1 won't be using a stroller as he is 5 and perfectly capable of walking around SS on his own, which hell want anyway. It's just DS2 I'll have in a single stroller on and off.

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06-05-2016, 05:29 PM
Given that she's accepted help at the airport, perhaps she won't be averse to the idea? I would look into the rental situation before talking to your mom. Then, I would just say something like "Mom, I'm going to rent you a scooter for the trip to Sesame Place so you're comfortable the whole time" -- and hope she doesn't object. If she says she'll be fine, I would just reply with something like "With the way the boys like to race around the place, you'll be a lot more comfortable with the scooter. I'll take care of the rental so it's easy for you." and if she STILL says she doesn't want it, then I would just have to be direct and say "Mom, I know you like to be independent, but I'm really not comfortable going to the park without having a scooter for you. There's a lot of walking and I'm just too concerned you won't enjoy yourself without it. If you'd rather not use a scooter, we could always go to <insert some other activity with minimal walking> and skip Sesame Place this trip. Let me know which you'd prefer!"