View Full Version : THANK YOU for this new page! So necessary :)

07-01-2016, 11:55 AM
Funny that I have been here since around 1999...with a preschooler and then a newborn now I'm having to navigate elder care :(.

Thanks for this because having to help your aging parents and in my case worry from 2000 miles away is hard.

My 86 yo mom broke her hip in Oct. Medically she is mending but psychology she is stalled. Thinks she'll fall if she lets go of the walker, gets very angry when we have suggested she try her cane (she is still in a ton of pain refuses to take meds to help and I'm afraid the pain will cause her to gasp and fall!) she wigs out. So she's sitting in her chair watching the news all day I feel bad yet I'm frustrated and get mad Bc she's NOT like this, she's a bull that gets stuff done :(.

Lies to me about what she eats (tried to help cholesterol by NOT eating vs lean meats, veggies and grains), it's so hard. Bathe fibbed about telling her dr just HOW much pain she's in.

My dad had a surgery years ago leaving him in major pain (knee replacement went bad his foot is either numb or his leg is in major pain-sciatic was hit during procedure)...he has stents in his heart etc...so he's trying to handle everything and I know it's hard.

I'm in SoCal they in GA. I get back as much as poss. But I run a business and it's our sole income. I also have a TON of health issues myself. Was supposed to have surgery next week not happening now Bc my pneumonia has reared up.

Any suggestions welcome. My Mom is so old school and refused to do what makes sense - more PT, nutritionist, pain mgt, etc ugh.

Wish I could live with them but that's really a major decision if it were ever to happen. Once you leave LA hard to return!