To the lurkers, to the past posters, to new joiners to BBB:

This is the honestly posted forum where we bare the truth about our bodies, our eating habits and what we want to do to change them. Every week we post what we did the past week. Here you talk about how you are eating better, drinking less soda, working out for the first time ever and so on. There is no shame in saying you did nothing for the week, or indulged into to many cookies (um, I do sometimes for sure!). It's about being accountable to keep up a healthy life style! Also besides posting each week we ask questions about fitness videos, workouts, diets, and whatever it is that you are wondering about. We are moms sure, but we can be sexy, fit, and have more energy than we ever had before. Also if you are pregnant and want to keep accountable for a healthy pregnancy, join us as well! I am postpartum baby number two so I KNOW how hard it is to stay active, and how badly a mom wants her old body back! You're not alone here, we all have our areas we want to work on! Here's to a great healthy 2006!