Message Board Co-op Rules

1. What is a Co-op? A co-op group of Consumers coming together to purchase an item at a lesser price based upon a bulk order. Typically, the co-op is spurred by one parent (the "co-op owner") who negotiates a lower price on an item with a vendor if X quantity is purchased. Since bargains are our mission in life, we have decided to let our readers post such deals to our boards.

2. As owners of this board, we do not pre-screen, sponsor, nor endorse any co-ops that may be listed on the Baby Bargains Book Bulletin Board. We are not responsible for the content of, nor do we govern, the administration of any co-op.

3. Participants of any co-op are solely responsible for checking out the legitimacy of any Vendor themselves prior to any monetary transaction. Caveat Emptor!

4. A Forum specific to co-ops will be created. We ask that this Forum be used to announce a co-op and provide specific information (e.g., what is for sale, the cost of it, different options, etc.) Once interest in a specific co-op has been established, the Fields ask that the balance of the arrangement be moved to a Yahoo group or something similar. Bandwidth is at a premium and needs to be conserved for the rest of the Board. Should this request to move the co-op not be abided by, the Fields and Moderators reserve the right to delete the thread(s) in violation of this Rule.

5. Vendors are NOT allowed to post co-ops to the Board. All co-ops must be generated by a Member of the Baby Bargains Community who is not being paid or otherwise compensated by the Vendor. The Vendor MAY NOT compensate a Member for posting a co-op. The posting Member must have a minimum of 100 posts and a posting history of at least 120 days to offer a co-op to the Boards.

6. Vendors may NOT post to clarify any questions about a co-op. All communications between co-op participants and the Vendor must go through the co-op “Owner�.

7. Third party co-ops are not permitted. Anyone offering a co-op must be a Registered Member of the Baby Bargains Community with a minimum of 100 posts and a posting history of at least 120 days. Co-ops through “friends of friends� or offering a deal through a friend that is not an established Member of the Community is not permitted.

8. Coupon Codes are still permitted on the Boards and should be placed in the Bargain Alert Forum. We ask that you keep the posts in these threads to a minimum. Again, any posts about coupon codes must be generated by members, not vendors or merchants.