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    Default Breastfeeding Support and Resources

    General Resources
    24-Hr Toll Free Breastfeeding Helpline - 1-877-4-LALECHE (1-877-452-5324).

    Kellymom - Great general resource - info on nutrition, stages, concerns/problem, weaning, etc.

    La Leche League - General support and information, how to find a local group, legal issues.

    Breastfeeding Online - another good general resource, lots of articles/links:

    Common Sense Breastfeeding - good articles from a certified lactation consultant - benefits of breastfeeding for various lengths of time
    Special Challenges
    Lactation Consultants Directory (International Lactation Consultant Association)

    Breastfeeding After Breast Surgery/Reduction

    Low Milk Supply - new site, forums coming soon
    Medication Use while Breastfeeding -

    Infant Risk hotline at Texas Tech - helps nursing moms to get info on data/safety of medications while BFing. - It is staffed 8 to 5 central time, M-F. (806)-352-2519 (Dr. Hale's new site)
    Dr. Thomas Hale, the author of Medications and Mothers' Milk, is the leading authority. This is his old (archived) forum - "Enter as Guest" to search:

    SafeMeds - medication use in pregnancy and lactation - searchable database:

    ToxMed - the NIH's searchable database with study citations:
    Travel and Breastfeeding (CDC guide):

    Pumping and Work
    Work and Pump - breastfeeding support for working Moms:

    Pumping at Work - tips and schedule
    Bottle Feeding for the Breastfed Baby, including alternative methods:
    Extended Breastfeeding Resources and Support

    Official Policies
    Breastfeeding-Friendly Hospitals - participants in the UNICEF/WHO Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative

    AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) Policy

    WHO (World Health Organization) Statement

    United States Breastfeeding Committee
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