Hi. DD is very into all things doll for Christmas. This is coming on strong, fast and consistent. Need to figure out what to get her. We are a bit cramped for space so need to be smart about what we select.

She has seen an American Girl-like doll in the Constructive Playthings catalog. I Have also seen Corelle, Girls on the Go, etc.

What's the consensus about what's worth the money?

I'd like to buy some combination of 1-2 dolls, a few outfits, bunk beds.

She's also interested in baby dolls. I found a fold-up doll center in FAO catalog that looked great to me but picture didn't really get her. I"m assuming I could use same bunk beds as above. Plus she wants some outfits and a stocked diaper bag set.

her bday is early January so I'm probably looking at a budget of about $100-200 for whatever I buy.

Any suggestions on what she'll get the most use/enjoyment out of would be greatly appreciated! When do girls seem to give up fascination with the baby dolls to the American Girl sort of dolls.

Thanks! Great to see the new boards, huh?