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    Default WWYD - Kohls Sale now or wait / hope for Target

    DS2 is almost 6 months, in a Keyfit 30 but it's getting heavy to lug around. My plan is to keep it in DH's car since it fits great and a RFing seat will probably not fit all that great except for the bucket.

    Therefore i'd get a convertible seat for my van (2007 Ody) sooner than later most likely.

    DS2 is probably about 14 lbs and not sure about height, 25" maybe 26 or so.

    Should i take advantage of the Kohls sale w/ the 30% off, Kohls Cash etc...or wait and hope for a deal from Target or just wait and see what else comes along? I can't decide! If I go w/ Kohls it'll be the Radian (XTSL?). I want whatever is going to last the longest...DS1 is still in a Regent at 75 lbs, etc.

    I'm thinking Kohls so that i'm SURE i've got a great seat at a great price and could always return it if I'm able to snag a Britax in Target once the baby clearance gets in full swing.

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    I think Kohl's has that sale about once a month, so it probably wouldn't hurt to wait.

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    I ordered from Kohl's. I don't usually see Kohl's Cash and 30% off, but that's just me. Of course, I ordered a seat from another site, too, and am returning one, if that tells you anything about me

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