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    klang Guest

    Default I Want A Ragazzi Crib!

    Hi! I have been shopping around my area (Southwest part of Virginia) looking for a Ragazzi Crib. They are very hard to come by here and when you see them, they are overpriced! I have tried to call a store in Canada that the book recommended but they no longer ship to the USA because the cost of shipping has gone up due to gas prices. I live near the Bassett Furniture factory so we can get them very easily but I have my heart set on a Ragazzi. My plea is DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND A DEAL ON A RAGAZZI CRIB? I don't mind traveling a little bit to get it! Outlet store? One that's second hand? Great sale at a baby store? ANYTHING WILL HELP!
    Thanks so much,

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    Default RE: I Want A Ragazzi Crib!

    Ragazzi is very hard to find at a discount. I guess the best course would be to just call around to several dealers to see if someone is lower in price. We always urge extreme caution about buying second hand---make sure all the parts are there, it is a recent model and is in good working order. You might try searching eBay.

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    I have heard that there is a Ragazzi outlet in the Atlanta area. I remember reading about it in the Baby Bargains mailbag after we had already purchased our Ragazzi crib. So, you might want to check the mailbag before April 2000.

    We purchased our Ragazzi crib at Room to Grow in Cincinnati, OH for $515, which made it within $50 of the price of the Pali cribs they carried at USA Baby. We thought the quality of the Ragazzi was much better and well worth the extra $50.

    Hope this helps you!


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    DEBO99 Guest

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    Lewis of London (in Rockville, MD and Arlington, VA) had Ragazzi cribs for around $509. I think they are one of the sturdiest cribs I've seen.

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    triangle Guest

    Default RE: I Want A Ragazzi Crib also!

    I also live in VA and am looking for Ragazzi cribs. I did see some of last years models that have the exposed hardware on sale at a Rooms to Grow in Warwick, RI (I was on vacation) but I would think other Rooms to Grow may also have last years models on sale.

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    triangle Guest

    Default RE: I Want A Ragazzi Crib also!

    Please let me know if you have any luck! How many stores did you try in Canada? Are they substantially cheaper there? What is the price difference?

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    klang Guest

    Default RE: I Want A Ragazzi Crib also!

    As bad as this sounds, I found a beautiful crib at a thrift store but it was missing hardware. I LOVED the crib so I bought it for $35.00 (because of missing hardware). I brought it home, searched hi & low for a makers name. The only thing I saw was "Made in Italy" & "Dahlia". I called one crib company first. They said " not ours". I then called Bellini, they said "it's ours". They told me that it was still a VERY safe crib (which you can tell by looking at it). Also has all hidden hardware! I bought replacement hardware for $25.00 (this included ALL new hardware). Now the crib is PERFECT! We are in the process of an international adoption and we wanted a VERY nice, Not too expensive crib. I looked around for that Ragazzi crib that I first mentioned and never found one in my area or near by that looked worth the money. I've read about the different cribs in the Baby Bargains book and I know a used crib is not HIGHLY recommended, BUT, I think if you can have a safety professional check it out first or call the manufacturer and find out if it meets the new guidelines, you can get a great crib at a reasonable price! Sorry I couldn't give you a better way to find that ragazzi crib! Kim<><

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    jennifermiller Guest

    Default RE: I Want A Ragazzi Crib also!

    We bought a Ragazzi crib last October for our daughter. It's wonderful. We live in SC and a local baby store carries them. The owner will only sell Ragazzi kid's furniture. She's also very picky about car seats (Britax is all she recommends). Anyway, the store is called Baby Plus 2 and is located in Spartanburg, SC. We considered the Bellini and Pottery Barn cribs too, but the Ragazzi won out. It was around $550 which was comparable to the others. Good luck finding one, they're well worth the effort.

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    opus Guest

    Default RE: I Want A Ragazzi Crib!

    I know there is a Room To Grow store off Laskin Road in Virginia Beach, VA that sells Ragazzi cribs. There hours are mon - sat 10 - 6 and Thurs 10 - 8. Gloria Webb is the manager and her phone number is 757-422-6744. The have printed pricing sheets for each series within the Ragzzi line that I'm sure they could send you. However, I do not know if they ship. They are in an upscale area of Va. Beach and I have never seen a 'sale' there, though.

    I know Va. Beach is in the SouthEAST part of Va, but at least it's in the same state as you. Possibly it will be a help to you.

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