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    kbaer Guest

    Default Arm's Reach co-sleeper

    I have decided to purchase a co-sleeper for my next child and am leaning toward the traditional co-sleeper from Arm's Reach because of it's perceived sturdiness and convertible use.

    Does anyone have information on where the best deal is on this co-sleeper? Or is anyone looking to sell one?

    If you've used the other co-sleepers with the leg extension kit (my bed is 28"), have you found it to be sturdy? I'm interested in any feedback users may have.

    Thanks, KBaer

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    amismo Guest

    Default I didnt find it useful at all

    I am using it as a hamper! the concept is good, and maybe it works for some people - but baby is sleeping with us on our bed and we are buying a crib for later!

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    allie Guest

    Default RE: Arm's Reach co-sleeper

    I had one and I never really used it. It's a good product, but I found myself taking the baby in bed with me, as did most new moms I know. The whole "arm's reach" concept is nice, but in reality, you don't really just reach over to touch or pat the baby. You know how it goes: teeny babies wake every 2 hours or so, and need to be changed or fed. You get up with them. Since you're up anyway, it's truly no more trouble to scoop them out of a bassinet or whatever else they're sleeping in. My suggestion would be to get a Pack-n-Play, or something of that type, and put it by your bed. They make super nice ones now with bassinets and changing tables; a lot of them even have wheels! Plus, even the top of the line models are much less expensive than the co-sleeper, not to mention infinitely more easy to fold and pack for travel. I think you'll get sooo much more use out of it than a co-sleeper. I know I did!

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