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    I've recently read all the posts on the Canalli sets and the store that sells them. I've since decided to cancel my order and am now starting all over again my search for that perfect nursery. I really like the flip kit changer (you can change the baby facing you instead of sideways) and the only 2 who make it so far, are Bellini and Canalli. I'd like some opinion on Bellini and also on any good furniture for the nursery. I'm so overwhelmed and I need help!! We are having a boy and I'd like something in either natural or honey.

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    Hmmmmm sorry cannot help you with Bellini as I have never seen it in person. I also haven't seen that type of changer, however, you could probably get a similar result with a changing table by shifting it away from the wall and turning it sideways before you change the baby if you really wanted to.

    As for other suggestions:my favourite case pieces were:

    ~ Ragazzi (incredible workmanship), but very pricey and we couldn't get the model we wanted in a finish that would match our Pali crib.

    ~Rumble Tuff (this is what we bought) it's gorgeous I have to admit, and seems very well made. We ended up buying a double castle combo dresser changer type thing, with a hutch we will add on later.

    -Pali, also very nice but very expensive. Very "adult looking".

    For cribs:

    We bought a Pali and so far I am pleased we did, although my baby hasn't been born yet.

    Ragazzi are nice as too, I think their case pieces are actually nicer though.

    I have also heard great things about Sorelle and Morigeau/Lepine.

    Natural is a very common colour, you probably won't have any trouble finding most cribs in natural. "Honey" will vary from brand to brand and model to model. If you can see the models in person you can sort of judge for yourself. Also take note if you buy pieces from different manufacturers tehy might not match exactly, and that the type off wood they are made of may make the finish look different even if the colour is similar.


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    Default RE: nursery furniture

    I saw a changing table just like your description at IKEA. The floor model was really sturdy and a nice height. Try this link:*10155*10157

    If the link doesn't work, go to and type "changing table" into the search box. Its the DIKTAD changing table/chest of drawer for $199.


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