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    texasmom Guest

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    I just saw an ad for baby bedding by Martha Stewart, available at K Mart stores and online at The crib sheets are 200 thread count, for about $6 each. Standard baby colors. Any comments on the quality of this stuff? The price sounds great.

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    Vickie Guest

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    I'm not sure about the "Martha" crib sheets but I do know that Good Housekeeping did a survey on what crib sheets were the best and I do know that Eddie Bauer and Lands End were on the top of the list. They are a bit more expensive than $6 per sheet but you can get them on sale if you get the catalog. I just got flannel crib sheets for $11 each instead of $19 or $22. The crib sheets should fit totally around all four corners and not be a struggle to get them there, which happens sometimes after a couple of washings. There have been some horror stories of toddlers pulling at the sheets and then rolling up in them and suffocating to death. I figured it was better to go with the correct fitting sheets and spend the extra money. I'm sure that Martha sheets are beautiful and they might fit nicely, I don't know. I do notice the difference though with my Eddie Bauer sheets then with the others.

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    NolansMom Guest

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    I bought a Martha Stewart sheet that went well with our crib set (hard to find matching sheets is sage or taupe!). It is ok, but I like the Eddie Bauer sheets much better as well as the Pali sheet that came with our crib set. Those both have elastic all the way around the sheet. The Martha Stewart sheet does not.

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    Chevalier Guest

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    Martha sheets come in more than just "standard baby colors"; there are several animal prints. I couldn't resist buying the little green froggies on yellow background. I haven't had any problems with the fit.

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