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    Deana Guest

    Default Confused about bumpers

    Are they necessary? If you do get one, how long do you leave it in the crib? When I mentioned to my mother that we might not get one (based on info in the book) she said that without one the baby will get its arms and legs stuck in the slats.

    Also, are there any inexpensive but satisfactory brands? I wouldn't mind spending $50 on one from the Company Store if I thought it was worth it. But, if I only need it for a couple of months, maybe a $20 Carters would work fine?


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    cabote Guest

    Default RE: Confused about bumpers

    Well, bumpers are probably aesthetic more than they are functional. A newborn will not be moving around enough to get arms and legs stuck in the first few months. I am a soon-to-be mom and really wondered the same thing about bumpers. I decided to get one because it matched the bedding set and is cute. It will probably be functional as the baby grows and begins to move around the crib to protect from head bumps... But, be SURE you get one with MANY ties as the book suggests. I have worked with an infant developmental specialist who has warned me about the possible dangers of bumpers. It should be fairly flat (not fat like a tube pillow) and have ties at top and bottom (you can add them). Babies can and have gotten their little faces under the bumber when it is loose and bulky. As for prices as low as you are mentioning I am not sure. I ordered one from pottery barn kids that is good quality for $69. This is also important. It will need to be washed and you want it to hold up. I have heard that Target brand is not durable. Hope this helps!

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    Geebee Guest

    Default RE: Confused about bumpers

    I never put them in my daughter's crib. They didn't really seem necessary. Like the other post said, babies don't really move for the first couple of months.

    There was a short period of time when my daughter would raise up on her arms (after she was able to turn over to her tummy) and kind of scooch to the back of the crib. She would sometimes end up with a foot sticking out. She only did this for a short period of time, and I'm not sure that bumpers would have helped. It seems like she still could slide her feet underneath the bumper.

    You have to take out the bumpers when the baby is standing (at the latest), because the baby could use the bumpers as a step stool to climb out.

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    k9guru Guest

    Default RE: Confused about bumpers


    If you do decide to use a bumper, I have a suggestion for you. Check out the baby item section of Ebay. Pottery Barn is one of the many brands they sell at this site. I have to agree that you want a bumper with many ties, and the PB has ties at the top and bottom. On Ebay, they sell the sets, or just the bumper alone. Many of the bumpers start at $12.99 - $19.99 and up. It is worth a look. I just bought a PB bumper for $19.99 plus shipping, that was worth $70, and its new! Do check the description of the item, and the sellers feedback to make sure you'd like to do business with them. Good luck:)

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    Deana Guest

    Default RE: Confused about bumpers

    Thanks for the suggestion. I've just won an auction for a new PB bumper (about $25 including shipping). I was still debating whether to get one, but at that price I couldn't resist.

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    Mel Guest

    Default Confused about bumpers

    It's comforting to hear from other parents who do not use bumpers, especially since many folks seem appalled if you say you're not using them. I'm not using bumpers on our crib right now because I'm concerned about the possible suffocation hazard. The trade-off seems to be the fact that our daughter, four and a half months old, rolls and turns a LOT in the crib, so her feet or legs do end up through the slats at times. She usually extricates herself just fine but sometimes cries and needs help. However, she also rolls so that her face is right up against the crib side at times -- and if there were a bumper there, even one well secured by extra ties, I figure her face would be buried right in the bumper. Still, I worry about her limbs going through the slats. Any thoughts from other parents who are bumper-less? Do your kids end up with bumps from the slats? Did you do without bumpers because of safety concerns or just because they're big money for something you don't use very long?

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