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    tj Guest

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    Has anyone used the Emu set by Carters. We just thought it was so cute and the fabric is very soft. However, when I brought it home I noticed the sheet does not have elastic all the way around, just the four corners. How critical is that? I love the set and I got a great price on it at an outlet center.

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    ebergman Guest

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    The emu bedding is really cute. You can always use everything but the sheet and buy sheets elsewhere.

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    rainanoelle Guest

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    I love the Emu collection!! The sheet is not my favorite part (I am ordering other sheets from Land's End as my spares), but the rest of the set is perfect.

    Also note that I've been finding pieces of this set marked down at TJ Maxx for the last month and a half or so. You have to go by there weekly to see what new items have shown up, but I've bought about 5-6 items for at least half off the retail price there. =) And there have been even more items for sale that I didn't choose to buy now.

    Best wishes!


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    Shuezs Guest

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    You might try the Baby Sleep Safe Crib Sheet Anchor... it attaches to the sheet and keeps it from moving... no matter where the elastic! It's kind of a challenge when you have to change the sheet... but well worth the peace of mind.

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