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    Default bright tropical colors? sewing patterns?

    I've found some great solid color crib sheets at the Company Store website, but I'd like to get maybe a crib skirt or coverlet in a bright print. I'm specifically looking for a print with orange, yellow, and dark green it in, to go with some tropical folk art that's going in the nursery. Anyone have any ideas?

    Surely I'm not the only person out there who hates pastels... but it's starting to look like I'm just going to have to sew this stuff myself. If it comes to that, can anyone recommend any baby bedding sewing patterns?

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    Default RE: bright tropical colors? sewing patterns?

    The Company Store has bright crib skirts and coverlets, but I don't recall any bright "prints". Occasionally Lands End will have a kids pattern in a bright print, but usually in toddler and older kid bed sizes, not crib sizes.

    All the major pattern companies have patterns available for crib bedding. Butterick, Vogue, McCalls, etc. Check the pattern books at your local JoAnn's (or whatever you have). BUT the problem I think you will run into is with fabric choices. Most of the fabric that I have seen in JoAnn's type places for "babies" is also pastel (but I haven't been in there recently). You best bet for bright juvenile fabrics may be a store that specializes in quilting fabrics. There are some GORGEOUS bright print juvenile fabrics available in quilter's cottons. These are NOT cheap fabric, they are usually $8 - $12 a yard. If you go this route, be sure to pre-shrink your fabric, since these fabrics (despite their price) sometimes shrink considerably and also occasionally have dyes that run.

    Another option is to just buy bright solids from TCS or LE and then use other "bright" accessories in the nursery. This is what we did. My MIL (former art teacher) did a gorgeous mural of fantastical flowers and rainbow in the nursery. I bought solid bedding and made a bright quilt, bought a funky bright clock (cheap at Target), bright trash can (Container Store) and just accessorized away! This may end up being much less expensive. :-)

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    Default RE: bright tropical colors? sewing patterns?

    Well, I couldn't find much online at Joann Fabrics, but you might be able to find what you want at the store (if you have one nearby) if you check out the juvenile print section, instead of the baby/nursery prints. Not quite tropical, but I found these frog prints online:;$sessionid$H43QPWYAADBACP4SY5FRIHR 50LD2UEPO?CATID=43958&PRODID=55369&SKUID=51548&_re questid=257816;$sessionid$H43QPWYAADBACP4SY5FRIHR 50LD2UEPO?CATID=43958&PRODID=55403&SKUID=48117&_re questid=258252

    Good luck!

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    Default RE: bright tropical colors? sewing patterns?

    P.S. You'll have to cut and paste the whole link--it didn't work right.

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    Default RE: bright tropical colors? sewing patterns?

    Does anyone know if the solid colour crib sheets at the company Store website have elastic all the way round???

    Big Thanks!

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    Default RE: bright tropical colors? sewing patterns?

    Look up They have a bunch of really bright tropical colors, and you can order the various pieces (crib skirt, sheets, bumpers, whatever) separately. They also will send you free fabric samples if you want to see before you buy. There's no shipping cost, and the samples arrive within a week or so. Definitely worth a try!

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    Default RE: bright tropical colors? sewing patterns?

    All the crib sheets from CompanyKids have elastic all the way around.

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