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    Default Lands End/ Eddie Bauer Crib Sheets

    Hello, just a quick question. I saw the Good Housekeeping article in regards to the safety pull test for sheets and Lands End and Eddie Bauer did not rate as high as they previosly did in past years. I have several of these sheets. Is anyone using them and are you happy with the safety of the sheets?

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    gdota Guest

    Default RE: Lands End/ Eddie Bauer Crib Sheets

    Hi -

    We used Lands End crib sheets for our son - the fitted sheets for the crib and then combined with their fitted/flat sheets for his toddler bed. We loved them! The fitted sheets have elastic all the way around and do not pull off as easily as some of the cheaper brands (with elastic only on the corners) I was given as gifts. They are also very sturdy and have held up well. My son, now 4, is in a twin bed (also furnished with Lands End Sheets - the elastic on the bottom of the flat sheet is SO worth it); we plan to use the sheets again when our 2nd is born in July.

    We never had a problem with the sheets being pulled or manuevered off.
    However, as the article states, sometimes manufacturers change their products - the design, the fabric, etc. - and this can affect the quality of the sheets. Our sheets are 4 years old: maybe they aren't made the same way any more.

    I'd put the sheets on a mattress and give them a good tug. See for yourself how well they fit. It could be that yours are just fine. But if they make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, trust your Mommy instinct and use something else. :-)

    Good luck!


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