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    Libby_1 Guest

    Default lamb skin safety

    I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on the safety of using a lambskin with babies. I have read that they are suppose to be very comforting to a baby and completely safe but I was wondering if there is anyone who uses them and recommends or discourages the use.

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    JakesMom Guest

    Default RE: lamb skin safety

    I would never have thought to buy one for myself, but a friend of mine sent us a lambskin when my son was born. We did use it when he was going through some rough infancy stuff like reflux and sleeping problems, mostly as a soft place to lie comfortably while I gave him a Burt's Bees massage. (The BB apricot baby oil is really nice.)

    Later, I would drape the lambskin over his nest (it's like a covered inner tube from Galt -- another gift) in an attempt to get him to spend some time on his tummy, and that worked pretty well too.

    Now that he's a toddler, Jake is less interested, but I'm expecting our next baby will benefit as well. I would not recommend using this in a crib or anywhere else baby sleeps, though... it should just be a nice, warm place for him/her to be comforted and play.

    Good luck!

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    dubbogod Guest

    Default RE: lamb skin safety

    I've used one for all three of my kids. I've always had one for the stroller and one in the crib, under the sheet, for them to sleep on. It's always worked for me and they stay cool in summer and warm in winter which is nice. My daughter only just stopped having hers in her bed under the sheet and she's 5.

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