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    Default Carters crib sheets at BRU

    Has anyone tried and liked the Carters knit or flannel crib sheets available at most BRU stores? I looked at the Good Housekeeping test and results, but they were not included in the study. Just wondering how they hold up, if they truly fit a standard mattress, and how much (if any) they shrink--since they claim they're preshrunk. I don't want to spend alot on bedding (they're about $10.00 each) as my "baby fund" is running low! So if anyone has a favorite fitted sheet in a comparable price, please let me know! (I'm not up for expensive brands like Land's End, etc.) Thanks.
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    luvbeinmama Guest

    Default RE: Carters crib sheets at BRU

    Yes, I have one of their flannel sheets, and it's worked just fine for me. I had also bought a set of about 3 knit sheets really cheap somewhere, and hated them because they really shrank on me. But the
    Carter's flannel sheet didn't shrink, still fits the mattress (son is 2 1/3 yrs), still in use, on the bed right now. My son never tried to pull on the sheet, so I don't know if that would be a problem at all. I've been happy with it. Also have a regular woven sheet from Carter's and have been happy with it, too.

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    suzska Guest

    Default RE: Carters crib sheets at BRU

    I think mine are Carter's flannel sheets, and they seem just fine. I do have Lands' End flannel sheets as well (which are the ones I use more often), but I bought them on clearance which made them pretty reasonable. There doesn't look like there's anything on clearance right now (except some "toddler" sheets, which should be the same thing, right, but not in flannel).

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    charigot Guest

    Default RE: Carters crib sheets at BRU

    Check out Company Kids. They are having a big clearance sale on sheets and other bedding on their web site : I just bought 4 fitted sheets, a crib skirt and a bumper for under $100 on that site. If you use the code DCSC, you get another 10% off, which pays your shipping/handling! I haven't gotten the shipment yet so I can't recommend the products, but they are highly rated in the baby bargains book. The fitted sheets have elastic all the way around, which is important. The sheets were $8/each on clearance.

    HTH! Jen

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    LailaCa Guest

    Default RE: Carters crib sheets at BRU

    I bought my crib sheets through The Company Store. I bought my bassinet sheets from BRU, however, they are the Carters brand. I love these bassinet sheets - very soft and inexpensive as well ($6.99 each).

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