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    Does anybody have any experience with Pali Linens?? I came across a book of them today in Teen and Crib City (New Jersey).

    I was thinking I'd end up with a set I saw made by Bella Baby but when I went back to the store, they didn't have the pattern I originally fell in love with.

    They're both on the expensive side - especially since I'm having twins, but they're the first ones I've really seen that aren't done completely in pastels.

    Any advice is most welcome - especially if anybody has ideas about finding them online.

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    ohbaby Guest

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    Okay, good news. Done lots of research. Pali linens are made by Glenna Jean. So they are okay quality. For bright colors, I've seen some great stuff from california kids.

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    JenM Guest

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    I bought the Starry Night Pali Linen set, and it's great quality. Cozy fleece like crib sheet (although I am not sure if all come with this type of sheet), very soft and plush blanket, same with the bumper. I checked out Glenna Jean's stuff at the stores, and it seemed like it wasn't as good of quality, so I wouldn't compare the two- they definately use different fabrics for the Pali (crib sheet was 100% cotton) and the blanket is much cosier.
    Hope that helps! JenM

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    I found Pali Linens in stock in New Jersey. At El Bambi in West New York at
    5411 Bergenline Ave ,201-867-7634. The only one they did not have was
    the Aspen which I wanted but ordered it for $230 for 4 pc. and $30 for the diaper stacker. You'll be surprise by their inventory of baby items for where they are located.

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