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    mt00026 Guest

    Default Has anyone used ?


    I have been eyeing the website. They have some beautiful designs. I was wondering if anyone has purchased anything from this site. Thanks

    P.S. Thanks to all who messsage, this board is full of great information.

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    mom_2_maddie Guest

    Default RE: Has anyone used ?

    We were thinking about it. I ordered fabric swatches, they are beautiful, but the cost would have been about $600. A little too much for us to pay for baby bedding.

    It seems like they have good customer service Alena (sp?) Pollack is the rep that we dealt with. She was very nice an accomodating.

    Good luck :)

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    saramom7 Guest

    Default RE: Has anyone used ?

    Yes, I have used this company. I agree, they are fairly expensive, but I am so pleased with the product. Apparently, it is all made in Italy and is 100% Egyptian Cotton.

    I also worked with Alana Pollack, and she was very helpful and friendly.

    I recommend this site to anyone looking for long lasting quality bedding.

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