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    elainegl Guest

    Default Best Maternity Jeans?

    I am due in December (almost 7 mos.) and looking desperately for maternity jeans. I don't like Motherhood Maternity stuff b/c I don't think the panel goes down far enough. I am happy with some shorts I got at gap online, but haven't tried their jeans. Any recommendations?


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    dittybop Guest

    Default RE: Best Maternity Jeans?

    HI. I love my Gap jeans. I wear them almost everyday. I have the stretch boot cut jeans and they fit just like the regular gap jeans I had before I was pregnant. I also like the fact they have ankle length b/c I'm short and every other pair I find are way too long. I bought a pair from motherhood but hardly ever wear them. Good luck!

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    elainegl Guest

    Default RE: Best Maternity Jeans?

    As an update, I ordered two pairs of jeans from and they arrived today. I hate them both so I'm having to return them. Their bootcut is way too big at the bottom and they don't leave much room to grow in the belly or butt. Maybe I'll order the Gap jeans next. Thanks for the recommendation!


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