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    she delivered she grew a couple of sizes. If that is typical, am I suppose to wait until after I deliver to purchase the bra? Also, which brand does anyone recommend, and where can I find the best deal? I heard Bravado is considered good. Currently I am a 34D, normally a 34B.

    Thanks for any help!

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    I was a B cup before pregnancy, became a C cup during pregnancy and a D cup after pregancy when I began nursing. So it is quite likely that you could become a larger size post-delivery. I just bought the Playtex brand bras. They have a few different styles available. There are some closure styles that I am more happy with than others, so try them out and see what you prefer.

    Also, remember that you will need room in the cup to put in breast pads for when you are leaking.

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    Thank you!

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