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    tilly2321 Guest

    Default bravado bras question??

    I ordered the bravado bra (I ordered the basic size since prepreganncy I was barely a B). Well, the bust fits good, but the band seems to "wrinkle" up right under my breasts and I am getting hideous stretch marks. I ordered one size up since I figured maybe I am growing at a fast rate. My question is, is this normal with this bra? Do you think I caused the stretch marks by wearing an improperly fitting bra? Also, do they fade after pregnancy? Yikes!

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    Default RE: bravado bras question??

    I got stretch marks just from growing so much! They were there before I found Bravado bras. The elastic on mine also wrinkles up, but I haven't found that to be a problem. These bras are by far my favorite nursing bras, and I've tried 5 different brands.

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    stinkerpie Guest

    Default RE: bravado bras question??

    Don't worry, you didn't cause the stretch marks. I just got some under my breasts last week and my midwife assured me that they're totally normal---you might even get more as your breasts expand when your milk comes in. From what I've heard, they do fade to a pale pink/white shade eventually.

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    Shirale Guest

    Default RE: bravado bras question??

    I don't think your bra has anything to do with your streach marks. I now have a 2 1/2 month old and I still have pretty awful marks although some are starting to fade. They never really go away, only turn silvery instead of reddish pink...supposedly cocoa butter may help...good luck!

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    vivianm Guest

    Default RE: bravado bras question??

    I too had bought Bravados based on advice from this site. I experienced the same problems you are experiencing with the band and was disappointed that the Bravados didn't seem to provide any real support, especially as they became stretched out with wearing and washing. I recently discovered the Goddess "Love at First Sight" bra. It provides wonderful support, is extremely comfortable, and has the added feature of an adjustable cup - unlike the one snap on the Bravados, the Goddess has three hooks so the bra is always comfortable. If your breasts are engorged or are different sizes (always a problem if the baby feeds on one side per feeding!) the Goddess accomodates. In addition, it was cheaper than the Bravados (I paid $28)! Since I bought mine at a store, I don't know of a good online source.

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    tilly2321 Guest

    Default RE: bravado bras question??

    This bra sounds great. What store did you get yours at? I could always call and have it shipped to me. Thanks for the info. I will try to research it and see what I come up with.

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    vivianm Guest

    Default RE: bravado bras question??

    I bought it at a store in Santa Monica, CA called The Pump Station. They have a website at but their store has a much larger inventory than their online shopping would indicate. You might try running a search on the internet for the bra and see if you come up with anything.

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