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    loungeboykip Guest

    Default Formula comparisons or ratings

    I'm wondering if anyone has seen a report comparing infant formulas? I'm curious to see if any independant lab has rated them -- somebdy like Consumer Reports.

    My wife and I just came back from a baby products exposition down here in Miami, and whoa! you should have seen the full-court press that the formula companies were making there.

    If you're ever wondering why Similac and Emfamil are more expensive than the generics take a look at the marketing they do. Mead especially, my g_d, has what seemed to be an endless supply of super-slick marketing materials. All very nice, and informative, but all carefully designed to get you to buy their formula. The others were just as tenacious, the difference being the size of their presence at the fair.

    Food for thought.

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    bjiang Guest

    Default RE: Formula comparisons or ratings

    This site has a chart comparing formula contents

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