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    Hi. Can anyone recommend a comfortable nighttime nursing bra? Thanks!

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    the bravado
    very comfy

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    I like Playtex Expectant Moments (regular nursing bra, but comfy, and the hooks are soo easy to use for nursing) and I also sleep in the jogging style nursing bra from the Motherhood store. :-)

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    I really like the stretch lace pullover sleep bras, where you just pull one side down to nurse. Penney's has one Duo brand bra, which I believe was less than $10. One Hanes Place ( has a similar bra, style number 898 BA (Barely There Microfiber Crop Top) which is only $8.99. I'm a 40C and the L size fits perfectly and is very comfortable.

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    I like the Japanese Weekend cotton bra for sleeping because it has NO wires, buttons, hooks, etc. yet still is somewhat supportive. I have been wearing one to bed for 5 months now & really like it. It's not quite supportive enough for the daytime, though. My second choice for bedtime would be Bravado. I wear Bravados during the day (a great choice for the daytime), and occasionaly wear them to bed.

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    I live, breathe, eat and sleep in Bravado bras - no other seem as comfortable for excessive wear! And incredible ease of use with one-handed snaps that take only a second and with no fumbling up or down!

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    Believe it or not, Sears has a great maternity/nursing bra. It's very similar in cut to a sports bra, but of course much much softer cotton. It doesn't have a particular name, it's just under the Sears brand. Also, great price, I think they are about 13 dollars! Good luck, hope that helps.

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