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    Default Seeking monitor with TEMPERATURE monitor feature

    I understand there is a monitor out there that monitors the room temperature also. Who makes it? Per the book, Baby Trend was going to make one but there isn't one on their web site. A neighbor said (1.5 years ago) that her baby's monitor had the temperature feature but I didn't ask her who the manufacturere was. Help. I live in a 2-story house with SEVERE temperature control problems in the baby's room - - - need to be able to check the temperature remotely. Thanks.

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    Default RE: Seeking monitor with TEMPERATURE monitor feature

    Yes, there used to be a monitor like that (I think from Safety 1st) but it is discontinued. I would just suggest a wireless thermometer that are widely avaiable these days at hardware stores, Brookstone, etc. That would be the best solution!

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    Default RE: Seeking monitor with TEMPERATURE monitor feature

    I'll try the wireless thermometer idea. Thanks for the suggestion. Just got an email from my neighbor that the monitor was bought at Walmart - it's a Baby First by Gerber. So, I'll see if they're still on the market. She got that monitor quite some time ago so they may be discontinued also. Again, thanks for the wireless thermometer idea.

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