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    PamC Guest

    Default Angelcare Monitors

    I saw an Angelcare Monitor by Safety 1st in Babies R US this past weekend. It claims to send off an alarm if the baby stops moving for more than 20 seconds. Does anyone know if this product actually does what it claims?

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    Default RE: Angelcare Monitors

    Hi there. Yes, from what we hear, it does work as promised. We have an article on this monitor (explaining how it works) in our book, BABY BARGAINS.

    Alan & Denise Fields, Authors

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    jo Guest

    Default RE: Angelcare Monitors

    i bought this monitor after seeing it work at a friends the other week, she actually picked the baby up out of the crib and after 20 secs it started beeping. not exactly the same as not breathing, but made me confident.

    i got it at sears (canada) for 103.00 (20% off)

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    Lewie Guest

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    The first monitor we bought was the Angelcare Monitor. Perhaps it does beep when the baby stops we breathing. We didn't keep it long enough to find out. One more than one occasion, I was listening to the monitor, hearing nothing, assumed my baby was sleeping soundly. Only to discover that the monitor wasn't picking up the sounds of my baby crying. Beyond whimpering, wailing. This was extremely disturbing. Since I could not rely on the monitor to even pick up sounds, I felt I could not rely on the monitor to do anything else it claimed to do successfully. I highly recommend against purchasing this monitor unless you also want to buy a back-up monitor, just in case.

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    angusmom Guest

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    Hi there! Just some things I know about this monitor, although I haven't myself used it.

    It is NOT, NOT, NOT a breathing monitor! The manufacturer is specifically prohibited from promoting it as such (per the FDA, I think). It is only to be used as a sound and movement monitor.

    Also, I am not sure where I heard this info, but I think that Safety 1st discontinued this item and it was licensed for manufacture to a new manufacturer, possible Unisar (the company that makes the fetal heartbeat listening device thing). Probably retailers still have the Safety 1st product, but I don't know. As I said I haven't actually used the item or shopped for it. I have just read and heard things.

    Good luck!

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    Laura E Guest

    Default RE: Angelcare Monitors

    I just read on that the Angelcare monitor was discontinued by Safety 1st and will be produced under another brand name sometime in May 2001. Do you know why the product was discontinued by Safety 1st? Will there be any changes when the monitor is produced under a different name? If the Angelcare monitor is unavailable, are there other monitors that also track movement? Thanks!

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    jacquirapp Guest

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    I know several couples that are using this baby monitor and they LOVE it. In fact, one such couple used it at our home, and their's had great reception. It was better reception than our cordless phones were getting! LOL! And the motion sensor thing has worked really well for all of the couples too... Advance warning... If you have the motion sensor on, be sure to turn it off before you take the baby out of the crib in the middle of the night. Everyone who has had this monitor seems to have gone through this beeping in the middle of the night at least once... LOL!

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    Allison Guest

    Default RE: Angelcare Monitors

    Our baby is now 3 months old and we use our Angelcare monitor every day and love it. The reception is great - we've never had any problem. In fact, we've never had the volume on anything but the lowest setting b/c we can hear everything. And the motion sensor makes me less worried than I would be without it (yes - I'm a first time mom). When he sleeps somewhere besides his crib I sometimes feel the need to go check his breathing. When he's in his crib I don't worry and therefore sleep better - and that makes it worthwhile to me.

    We also have a Fisher Price Sounds So Clear monitor that we never use b/c the Angelcare one is great.

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    I'm confused by the comment from the user that said they couldn't hear their child. We actually have a white noise generator in Alia's room (on all the time) and I can even hear that from the monitor (it's not very loud). I actually took a marker and marked the sliding volume control to where I could just hear Alia because I was keeping it too loud at night! I do wish the sliding volume control had a indicator on the slider instead of just on the unit itself so you know what level you typically use, but that's a minor thing.

    I love this monitor...friends came over last weekend and were amazed at the clarity of the receiver. And the batteries last forever (well, actually a few weeks, but that's a long time for a monitor!) We keep it on battery power during the day for naps and on the AC adapter at night.

    Michelle - Alia's Mom

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    kls Guest

    Default RE: Angelcare Monitors

    I agree, the post about not being able to hear your probably didnt set the monitor up right. Super sensitive and crystal clear, its the only monitor that works in our house! And the peace of mind we have is a great benefit, especially for us first time parents!

    this thing works GREAT, bought ours after reading all the positive reviews here:

    The monitor is SUPER sensative to motion, you can see a green light light up evertime our baby moves, so in essence it works like an apnea monitor (but the disclaimer says it does not!)...great for peace of mind! Make sure you install it as explained, with a thin board under the sensor, this dramtically increases the sensativity!

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