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    babysol Guest

    Default High chairs: Evenflo Phases vs. Chicco Mamma

    I am shopping for a high chair for my 4 month old. I like the durability of the Evenflo and the length of use as it converts to a table and chair. But I like the features of the Chicco Mamma (wheel casters, etc.) Some help and opinions out there? Does the Chicco have a smaller tray as one of the problems with the Prima Pappa I've read is that the tray is too high for smaller infants, etc.
    Please help!

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    jilldave Guest

    Default RE: High chairs: Evenflo Phases vs. Chicco Mamma

    I just bought the Chicco Mama for my 4 month old daughter. She is a bit on the smaller size for most 4 month olds, but with the free insert that came with the high chair, she fits pretty well. The tray is a bit high, but she won't be eating food off of it for a few more months. I love the wheels, and it reclines and folds easily. I ordered mine from Baby Universe and had a great shipping experience.

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    peg Guest

    Default RE: High chairs: Evenflo Phases vs. Chicco Mamma

    Go for the Evenflo. I received the Prima Pappa as a shower gift and used it for about a year and I grew to hate it. (cleaning nightmare, tray wouldn't always lock in, wheel brakes were always locking themselves...) So we took it to my mother in laws for when we eat there and we bought the Chicco Mamma. It is easier to clean that the prima pappa and the tray locks ok, but my 21 month old daughter can push the tray release with her feet and it goes flying off!!! The folding feature we never really use since we aren't cramped for space. my other problem with the chicco is that the seat doesn't bring the child close enough to the tray -- in that area the prima pappa was better. You could get the child snuggly in close to the tray. my daughter is always spilling food into her lap that completely misses her bib. Therefore, I recommend not spending zillions of dollars on either of these two "top of the line" high chairs and buy the one your instinct says would be better, the Evenflo. i know nothing about it except that Baby Bargains 3rd edition says it is a "good entry level chair". Good luck!

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    babysol Guest

    Default RE: High chairs: Evenflo Phases vs. Chicco Mamma

    Well, I answered my own question by buying the Evenflo Easy Comfort high chair. So far it has been great, but we are only on cereal...the messy stuff is yet to come. Ours has a cloth seat and I threw it in the washer once already. It was easy to remove and put back on. The features of this chair are very similar to the Chicco Mama and Prima Pappa, same type of adjustments and everything. It has wheels, 8 height adjustments that slide up and down, three reclining levels (just squeeze button and release), the large tray removes and there's a smaller tray which is convenient. It folds too. Best of all it's $40 - $70 cheaper than the other models!

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    alicia Guest

    Default RE: High chairs: Evenflo Phases vs. Chicco Mamma

    I am trying to decide between all 3 of these high chairs. At first i registered for the evenflow. However, when I went back and looked more closely the prima pappa had a bar on the floor between the legs that the evenflo was lacking. The prima pappa seemed much sturdier because of this. The evenflo seemed to have more "give" because it didn't have this extra bar. How sturdy do you find the evenflo to be? I'm due in may so I have a little more time to change my mind a few more times!!!!
    thanks, alicia

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    Mammaluna Guest

    Default RE: High chairs: Evenflo Phases vs. Chicco Mamma

    Go with the Chicco Mamma.
    I owned a high chair similar to the Evenflo phases and it was too bulky, no wheels, and the seat padding tore before I had a chance to use it as a play table.
    I purchased the Chicco Mamma for my next baby and I have been very happy with it. The wheels work great(better than Perego), the seat recline is a great feature, it is easy to use,clean,etc. I have a review on the Chicco Mamma on this website which you can find by using the search tool.
    Good luck.

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