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    Cathy Guest

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    What baby bath tubs to people prefer and why? Do the baby bath tubs fit in kitchen sinks or regular bath tubs? How long can you use a particular bath tub before the baby/toddler grows out of it? Thanks!

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    joodyjr Guest

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    I used the Evenflo tub (it fits in the kitchen sink)at first. I had a problem with my son sliding to the side and scooting down so I used a separate foam insert, which helped with the sliding and slipping but never got dry and added to the pain of cleanup after a bath. So I started to look around and found the
    Euro Tub. It is terrific. It is rather large, but just fits in our regular tub. It is designed to be used from infant to toddler. One end has a contoured design with side supports to keep baby in place even when he's splashing like a madman! The "seat" in the center keeps him from going anywhere as well. When he gets bigger and can sit up on his own, I'll just use the other end which is designed for the seated toddler. It is a really great tub. I paid $35. I really wish I had it from the beginning. It frees up both hands to wash instead of one hand supporting baby. And it's roomy so my son has a great time splashing. I just went back home to my mom's and used the old Evenflo, and boy, what a difference. Needless to say it wasn't much of a fun bath for Nicholas either.
    I highly recommend the Euro Tub, (not like you couldn't get that from that lengthy post...ha ha ha)

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    jkangas Guest

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    I also had the Euro Bath and loved it. The design of it is great and the baby didn't slip down because of the underarm contours. My counter top was large enough to accommodate the tub and I will definitely be using it again for my 2nd baby due in July. I did try one of the other bath tubs and sponge combos, but didn't like it at all. Babies R Us carries them for around $25 (check out and so does The Right Start (this is where mine was from and was about $35). Either price is well worth the investment!

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    mkmom Guest

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    I use the Graco Cuddle Tub and love it !!

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    kristenv Guest

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    Another vote for the Eurotub. Ditto what everyone else said. It is the best, hands down. Everyone I've shown has been impressed enough that they went out and got one and ditched their old baby tubs.

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