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    I am looking for a portacrib other than the typical pack-n-play types. Does anyone know whether there is something out there that isn't so low to the floor? I find my 7 month old son doesn't sleep well in these things. Any suggestions?

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    Thanks for using our message boards.

    Delta and Evenflo both make small wooden cribs that can easily be folded down. They make a great second crib for grandma's house and they look like a regular wooden crib, just smaller. We've seen them in Babies R Us for about $100.

    Hope that helps,

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    I'm interested in getting a crib for my mother's house (she'll be watching the baby 2-3 days a week and sometimes overnight). She doesn't really want to get a full-size crib, but is concerned that the baby will outgrow these smaller cribs a lot sooner.

    Does anyone know the size/weight limit on these smaller cribs that are at Babies 'r Us (or elsewhere)?


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    I finally settled on the Delta Porta Crib to use at my mother's house. It sells for $99 in most stores.

    Here is the info that I found on it:
    Size: 39 in. width x 25 in. depth x 41.5 in. height. Mattress included. Converts to bassinet in seconds. Side rail slides up and down for convenient access to change baby. Folds flat in a minute for travelling and storage. Natural finish.WEIGHT MAX IS 31 LBS.

    Hope this helps.

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