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    Twiceasnice Guest

    Default Fisher Price Adjustable High Chair

    Hi! I'm new to this post and am looking to purchase two high chairs for my twin daughters. I have the 3rd edition of this book, which does not say anything about the Fisher Price Adjustable High Chair. I read about in on and was impressed with the overall favorable reviews and the price. Any comments--positive or negative--will be considered.

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    shandrin Guest

    Default RE: Fisher Price Adjustable High Chair

    unfortunately they are no longer made, although you may be able to find one online or through a consignment store.
    What features are you looking for in a chair? :)

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    Twiceasnice Guest

    Default RE: Fisher Price Adjustable High Chair

    I am looking for a chair that is sturdy and safe, fairly easy to clean, and with a reasonable price, since we are purchasing 2. I know that the Prima Pappa and Chicco Mama are popular, but the price is a bit much and I am convinced that there are less expensive chairs that are just (almost?) as good. Any suggestions?

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    angusmom Guest

    Default RE: Fisher Price Adjustable High Chair

    Hi! I don't have any firsthand knowledge of these chairs in use, but these boards have discussed the Evenflo Easy Comfort highchair favorably (with some unfavorable opinions) and it's about $99-109, and also the Fisher Price Swinging Meals (or Swing 'n Meals) (about $100 also). The Fields' seem to like the Swing n Meals too.

    If you can't spend a lot, Graco makes some nice, comfortable chairs for $90 and less and they are usually easy to find at all kinds of retailers.

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    jiujiu Guest

    Default RE: Fisher Price Adjustable High Chair

    Hi, I have twin daughters and we purchased two cheap Graco Easy Chairs. I wanted a one hand tray and a chairs that are easy to clean. The Easy chair has got both features. Wheels would be nice so I could roll them over to the sink to clean them. But it's not a big deal not having them. Perhaps a folding feature would be good, too, although I doubt that I would ever bother (kinda like my ironing board!). I like them out and ready to go at a moment's notice!

    Before the girls could sit up well, if I needed the babies to recline, I just used their bouncy seats. I really don't know why you'd need that feature after they learn to sit up.

    The only gripe I have about the Graco Easy Chairs is that if your baby can push on something with their foot (like your knee), they can tilt the chair. But another thing I liked about the Easy chair was that it doesn't have a huge "footprint." Everything's a trade off. If the girls don't have a table leg or my leg to push off of, the chairs are perfectly safe.

    Good luck. Don't feel like you have to buy the Cadillac of high chairs. Sometimes a Ford Escort gets you where you need to go!


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