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    Default RE: Anyone heard of ShowerBaby (baby changing table/bath w/sprayer) and is it worth the $$$?

    First, I am writing this totally unsolicited by Coolcraft, Inc. This email is purely in the self-interest of buying myself a showerbaby.
    When LW became pregnant this winter, I knew I wanted a showerbaby more than any other baby item. A friend had one, and when I did some babysitting for him, I was sold on it. Diapering nirvana!

    Then I found out it was out of production. Searched the web, called stores - couldn't find one anywhere. I finally found the manufacturer and called them. They make commodes and other hygiene products. The guy told me that they had developed the showerbaby and then contracted with another firm to market it. That relationship went south and the product went out of production.

    Coolcraft says that they intend to bring it back into production this fall. But I am going to be a father in August. That's why I am writing. The guy said that if they get 100 people saying that they want one, they will go into production earlier. This doesn't involve any commitment on your part, just go to the website, start the process of ordering, and you'll get a page that tells you they are unavailable. It lets you tell them you're interested, so when they become available, they can contact you. They only have made 1000 so far, so finding one on ebay or the like is going to be tough.

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    Has anyone tried this?

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    Locking old thread.
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