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    jf Guest

    Default Baby Safe Feeder

    Anyone have any experience with the baby safe feeder? It is supposed to allow babies (over 4 mnths) to eat fruits, veg, teething biscuits, etc without choking.

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    Megansmom Guest

    Default RE: Baby Safe Feeder

    we used one with my daughter when she was about 6 months old.
    it was great because she could learn to chew and get fod without us thinking she would choke
    big favorites were peaches and pears in it. she loved it

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    Default RE: Baby Safe Feeder

    I don't have personal experience with it (baby #1 is due in a few weeks!) but a good friend of mind LOVED it. In fact she got me one as part of her shower present. It seems like a great idea - especially because it would eliminate the choking hazard and it's a good way to introduce new foods.

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    peg Guest

    Default RE: Baby Safe Feeder

    I found that they don't clean out really well and you have to keep buying replacement covers because the netting doesn't come out to be cleaned. Since you have to feed your child these while they are sitting up anyway, why not just mash the fruit, or whatever, with a fork and use your high chair tray? although, I did not try to use it with teething biscuits... that may be a very good use. My six month old was choking on a bit of a teething biscuit just this morning. Maybe I'll pull out the old feeder....

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    jtemberson Guest

    Default RE: Baby Safe Feeder

    We loved the safe feeder...we used it for fruit and teething biscuits. it is a bit messy but we found it particularly useful at restaurants or if we wanted to enjoy a sit down dinner. It kept dd busy for quite a while and we didn't have to worry about her choking.

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    mackenziemouse Guest

    Default RE: Baby Safe Feeder

    I say you need to have one of these, even if you only use it for teething. This is a great thing to put an ice cube in to give to baby. We used ours for teething all the time and reccommend it highly. I found that it was very difficult to clean when we tried to actually put food in it, though. I'll be using one for my new baby, just for ice!

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    AshbysMom Guest

    Default We LOVE our safe feeder and have found it easy to clean with soap and water...

    My 6-month old son eats cantaloupe, peaches, pears, teething biscuits and ice in it. It is wonderful in restaurants when we're eating and he wants to eat, too. I highly recommend getting one!

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    mackenziemouse Guest

    Default Well.... did they change the design??????????

    Because the way the mesh bag was attached to the plastic screw-on ring created an area between the bag and the ring that stays perpetually gross after it has had, say, banana smushed in it. And if you try to pull the bag away to clean under it at this spot, it pulls the bag out of the ring.

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    AshbysMom Guest

    Default Hmmm, not sure if design has changed but that DOES sound gross!

    I had peach goo stuck in it last night and it took me a bit longer to clean it but I was able to pull it enough away from the side to get the goo out. It didn't pull away from the ring, thank goodness. That would NOT be good! Good luck!

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    triangle Guest

    Default RE: Hmmm, not sure if design has changed but that DOES sound gross!

    Is 6 months when most of you started using this?

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