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    Default Hook-on Booster Chairs

    I am interested if anyone has experience using a hook-on seat such as the Graco Tot-loc or the Chicco hook-on chair. My husband doesn't think they look very stable but they appear to be better-made than the traveling bootser seats by First Years and Safety First. I had a first years fold-up seat with my oldest daughter and it fell apart after about a year's worth of use. Any info on these seats would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Blakesmom Guest

    Default RE: Hook-on Booster Chairs

    howdy,,,I have the graco tot-loc I picked up at toys r us for about $39 (keep in mind these are Alaska prices) I LOVE mine I use it as his regular high chair because it's so easy to store and move as needed!!!! it's also handy for road trips we just fold it up and take it wherever, I also love that it has a tray makes clean up super easy!!!! my one complaint (that hasn't been a problem so far) is that it cannot be used on a pedestal table it has to have 4 legs good luck;)

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    AshbysMom Guest

    Default I have the Chicco hook-on and love it, too!

    It's easy to hook onto most tables (not pedastal) and seems quite sturdy to me (as long as the table is sturdy - check before placing child in it). It's easy to pack up and comes with its own travel bag. It's also easy to clean and I believe you can remove the fabric and machine wash, but don't quote me on that. It does not have its own tray so I wipe down the table before placing my child in it. One less thing for me to have to clean aftewards, though. ;-) Good luck!

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    Default RE: I have the Chicco hook-on and love it, too!

    I am looking at both the Chicco and the Graco hook-on seats and was hoping to get more feedback on which one most people prefer?

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    Default RE: Hook-on Booster Chairs

    Does anyone know what the minimum age requirement is on this type of product? Also, is there a "top of the line" for the hook on booster seat? Very interested in hearing others feedback on using these products as far as safety and any other useful info. Thanks for your help!!

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    Default RE: Hook-on Booster Chairs

    Your child should be able to sit up on their own, just like a regular restaurant high chair. I have both the Tot Loc chair($30 and the First Years fold up booster($20) and here are my comments: The Tot Lock chair is great, sturdy, easy to clean, safe but doesn't work with all tables so you might lug it to the restaurant only to find that you can't use it. One negative is it is on the cumbersome side. Since this chair doesn't work for all situations, I then found out about the fold up booster and wished I got that instead. All of this complaining netted me a fold up booster for Christmas! So now we have both and are enjoying both of them. We are using the fold up one at home at our dining table and take it w/ us when we go somewhere, wheras the Tot Lock chair just "lives" in my SUV.

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