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    triangle Guest

    Default playpens not pack n' plays

    Do any of you have any suggestions for playpens? I am looking for a large sized play area for my infant. It does not need to be portable although it would be nice. For the most part it will be set up in my house as a safe place for my infant to play.

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    nywifey Guest

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    My friend has this set up and it's adorable. She has the Today's Kids Infant/Toddler Playyard (toysrus $79.99) which is a plastic "gated yard" that she set up in the middle of her living room. On one side of the "walls" there is an activity center. On the floor she has arranged ABC/123 Foam Mat Puzzle Pieces (she purchased at Babysrus for $24.99 but to see what they look like go to the right start and look up ABC/123 Play Zone I don't know why they aren't coming up on, but the store does carry the less expensive brand). If you have carpet, you might not really need the foam mat.

    She has been using this set up since her daughter was 6 months old. The baby is now 2 and still loves to hang out in her play area. It's a large set up so the baby does not feel as restricted as with a standard playpen.

    I've never seen this set up before and just love it. I plan to get the same playyard for my baby as well.

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    Mabbster Guest

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    We have the Today's Kids play yard and really like it. Since it comes apart, you can use it in many different configurations. We have even used it as a baby gate while visiting at friends homes. Please note that you can NOT use it to block access to stairs as it does not attach to anything. We have also joined 2 together when at a friends who have one as well. It gave the kids a really big play area, they never seemed to mind playing in it at all. Of course, we were right there with them and only used it to keep us from having to chase them all over the house.


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    webma Guest

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    I'd suggest the graco tot block which is almost square at 36 by 34 inches so it's roomy. It also has built in toys on the sides
    and good padding on the bottom so I don't feel like it's a hardship for my daughter to take a nap there. It's a bit pricier (about $100 at BRUs) but most of reviews I've read (by parents) are that it holds up well and their kids actually used it and used it for a while (age 2). Also check out the J Mason Safe Surround. It's 36 inches and is tension rod based so it's technically simple and very safe. In fact,its design is one of the safest. One model comes with a bassinet. It's harder to find so you may have to look. Prices vary from about $70-110. I have seen it sold at these websites.

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