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    Default Pack-n-Play w/bassinet feature

    I noticed that some Pack-n-plays come with a bassinet that is the full size of the pack-n-play, and some are half the width. Is one recommended over the other? I'm wondering if the half size is more sturdy, but would the baby outgrow it too fast?


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    Default RE: Pack-n-Play w/bassinet feature

    I think the Pack 'n Plays with the full-size bassinets are definitely the way to go. My sister-in-law had the small bassinet which comes with the Century Fold 'n Go and her baby outgrew it when he was less than 2 months old. I have the full-size bassinet with the Pack 'n Play and my baby was 4 months old when she outgrew it and that was only because they tell you to stop using the bassinet once your baby can roll over it. Size-wise, she still fit just fine. Good luck!

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    I have the full size bassinet in my Pack-N-Play. My daughter is 8 weeks old today and I can't imagine having anything smaller. She is starting to wiggle around and kicks herself to the edges of the bed. She needs that extra room even at 2 months.

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    Default RE: Pack-n-Play w/bassinet feature

    We have the half size and wish we had the full size. Don't even bother with the half size!

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