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    triangle Guest

    Default angelcare monitor - where to find?

    Does anyone know where I can still find an angelcare monitor? The stores I've been in don't seem to have them anymore - either do the websites I've checked!

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    AmberLea Guest

    Default RE: angelcare monitor - where to find?

    Safety 1st is not carrying these any more. You will only find one if the retailer just happens to have it left in stock. I don't know where that is, but if you really want it snatch it when you see it because there are not many left! Happy Shopping

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    TinWood Guest

    Default RE: angelcare monitor - where to find?

    I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Sears Canada has these IN STOCK here (Devonshire Mall location). They are priced at $129.99 Cdn. The staff at the store claim they have had a LOT of complaints about these monitors though. Hope this helps!

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    meverettlane Guest

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    After some searching on the net, I found that Burlington Coat Factory still has some available on-line, and they have the cheapest price I could find ($96.99 incl. shipping). Go to Just ordered mine. You might also check ebay, there are some on sale there too. Good luck!

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    triangle Guest

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    Thank you all. I did find them at the BRU in Warwick, RI. I've heard mixed things about them so I can't decide if I should get it or not! What do you think of yours?

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    E&E Guest

    Default RE: angelcare monitor - where to find?

    I can't beleive they are not making these anymore! I swear, this was one of the best things I have received for my little baby. It gives me a lot of peace of mind. I mean, what good is that Infant CPR course if baby stops breathing (God forbid) at 2:30 AM and you don't check on her until 6:00 AM?!

    I love mine, I've had no problems with it. There was only one false alarm, earlier this week, when the little Houdini to be squirimed out of the sensor area in her crib. But this happened only once and it is no great inconvenience considering the help it could be.

    I received mine as a gift from Babies R Us. I did see it for $30.00 cheaper ($70) at Target. But that was before they decided not to make it...sad.

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    Default RE: angelcare monitor - where to find?

    Bebe is making these monitors now. I have one and love it. My daugheter likes to sleep on her stomach, and won't sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time on her back, so we got one of these. I have false alarms everyone once in a while - it's usually when she's too far to the side of the crib and the detector doesn't detect her movement. But, I go in, slide her over to the middle and she's fine.

    Do place a board under the sensor as the instructions recommend. It helps a lot.

    Michelle - Alia's Mom

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