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    Jenfed Guest

    Default Is it necessary to use Dreft?

    I have heard mixed things about washing babies clothing in Dreft. Some people have told me that it's a must, and others said that as long as you use something without fragrance such as All Free Clear that the baby should be fine.

    I'd love to hear any comments anyone has on this...

    first baby due 9-28-2001

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    Jboate Guest

    Default RE: Is it necessary to use Dreft?

    I believe the book calls it the "Dreft Syndrome". There is no need to wash babies clothes in anything other than what you normally use, which is not what advertisers would like you to believe (Dreft is expensive). I happen to always buy no-scented detergent because I don't like the smell. Also, there is no reason to separate babies clothes from the rest of the family.

    I have two tips for you. There is a product called Zout which is awesome at getting baby stains out. I prefer the concentrate over the spray, it seems to work better. Also, use a delicates bag for tiny socks and hats. They always seem to disappear during a cycle without it.

    Good Luck! :-)

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    peg Guest

    Default RE: Is it necessary to use Dreft?

    My daughter is 2 and my son is 6 months. I always have used Dreft. Why? My kids both had excema (my son still does) and that means they have sensitive skin. Dreft is awesome at getting out spit-up, poop and ground in food, even from my two year old. It also does not contain any enzymes and surprisingly, has a really nice scent. This fragrence has not bothered my babies at all. The clothes also seem soft, even though I don't use fabric softener on their clothes. In contrast, my laundry sometimes still shows spit-up stains on the shoulders. I would not wash my and my husband's clothes with the babies' because there are major bacteria on your clothing (perspiration and your undies, need I say more?) that your kids just don't need their laundry mixing with. Just my opinion. I think my kid's are worth the small extra expense. I'll stop using Dreft probably when both kids are three and older.

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    shandrin Guest

    Default RE: Is it necessary to use Dreft?

    I did use 'special baby soap' for #1, skipped it for #2 & #3 and not had any troubles, my skin is sensitive so i use gentle soaps and use an extra rinse anyways.:-)

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    Default RE: Is it necessary to use Dreft?

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jul-25-01 AT 09:43PM (Mountain)[/font][p]Congrats on your upcoming new addition!

    I have super sensitive skin, so my DH and I have always used unscented liquid Tide without dyes. When my now 4 month old daughter developed a rash at 2 months I asked her doctor if I should switch to Dreft. He said no, that what I was using was just fine for her sensitive skin as well. He also did not feel Dreft washed clothes as thoroughly. What he did suggest was to stop using Johnson's products (shampoo, baby wash and lotion) and other baby products. He said parents like them because they smell great, but the fragrances are not good for sensitive skin. He suggested unscented Dove soap or Neutrogena and prescribed a gentle nonscented lotion. I already use unscented Dove (it is one of the only soaps that doesn't make me itch), so tried it on her as a baby bath and shampoo (downside, have to be more careful that it doesn't get into her eyes). She hasn't had a rash since. I also only bath her several times a week to once a week (depending how much spit-up, etc.) Although she loves the bath, every day dries out her skin too much.

    So, I guess my advice is forget the expensive baby products and just go with the unscented adult versions, especially for laundry detergent. They are less expensive and just as effective, if not more so. However, if your baby doesn't have super sensitive skin, the baby bath products do smell great and you will probably get some for gifts, so go for it.

    & Zoe Mae 3/11/2001

    BTW, for stains I just use a little granular Tide and hot water and occasionally an old toothbrush (usually just my hand). I rinse any debris with super hot water and sink hose and then rub for a couple of minutes with warm water and the detergent. Most stains come right out. Even explosive poop that had sat on a white sleeper for a week came out(my husband was deployed the first 3 months so I didn't get to things very quickly). Anyway, this works well for me, I don't have one stained outfit yet.

    Good luck.
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    MaxMom Guest

    Default RE: Is it necessary to use Dreft?

    All Free Clear works just fine. The Cheer Free was too harsh for both of us. I have sensitive skin and Dreft makes me break out.

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    E&E Guest

    Default RE: Is it necessary to use Dreft?

    We use dreft for our 6 month old, but I'll be honnest, it is just because it smells so darned good! We did use All Free & Clear (which we use for ourselves) and it did not cause any problems. But I get Dreft at a good price at BJ's or I get the Purex baby soap - and she smells so good. But I think soon, we'll be using Free & Clear for her as well.

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    teresajill Guest

    Default Zout + Cheer Free

    I agree that Zout is wonderful! It's unbelievably better than the other stain removers.

    We have always used Cheer Free because we're both so sensitive. Before the baby came, we received samples of Dreft and quite frankly, we tossed them out because the scent emanating from the sample packet was making us miserable. Our baby seems to be doing well with Cheer Free.

    Why the heck would they scent a baby detergent?

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    Default RE: Is it necessary to use Dreft?

    I used Purex baby laundry detergent until my son was 1 year old. It is much cheaper than Dreft and you can use the regular Purex coupons on it. I never had a problem, nor have I had a problem using Tide for DS clothing.


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