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    Default Evenflo bottles and nipples

    Help! Can anybody tell me if there is a big difference between all the different bottles? Is the angled nurser any better than the traditional shaped bottle? Also, what is the difference between the latex and the silicone nipple? Do the babies really know the difference? I'm buying for a 7 month child that we will be adopting. They are using Evenflo but I don't know the specifics.
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    Default RE: Evenflo bottles and nipples

    Let me tell you what I learned the hard's not up to you. You won't pick the bottle - the baby will! I wanted to use Avent because they are such good bottles. Well after 1 day home from the hospital the little Princess made it clear she didn't care for them. We tried Playtex disposables. She hated them. Evenflow (the new wide necked angled ones) she hated them. Playtex vent-air sort of worked, but not really. Dr. Browns, hated them. What did she settle on? J&J Healthflow bottles. Now, at 6 months, we use those interchanging w/ Playtex disposables w/ built in burper. But I had bought about 4 sets of Avent bottles and wasted A LOT of money. My advice? Buy one of each and the baby will tell you! Also, I prefer silicone nipples and so does my daughter.

    Congratulations and best wishes with your new baby! :)

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    Default RE: Evenflo bottles and nipples

    Yep, babies know the difference! :)

    Our son has loved Avent bottles and nipples since he was big enough to start using them, but his twin sister strongly prefers the regular Evenflo bottles and nipples. (At first, this was because the Avent nipples were too big and she'd gag on them. Now that she's almost 13 months old, though, she still prefers Evenflo.)

    We strongly prefer silicone nipples over latex ones. We did try latex briefly, but they get smelly and sticky and don't last as long.

    My advice would be to find out the specifics of the bottles/nipples they're using with the child you'll be adopting. (I think that Evenflo now makes wide nipples, in addition to their traditional smaller nipples.)

    BTW, congratulations on your upcoming adoption!! :)

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    Default RE: Evenflo bottles and nipples

    P.S. I'd recommend sticking with the same brand and type of bottles and nipples that your new child is currently using. By 7 months, he/she probably has a definite preference. If you want to switch or try something different, though, buy one or two of the new kind and wait to see if he/she likes it.

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