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    walda Guest

    Default Nature's Goodness Baby Food

    Anyone here buy Nature's Goodness baby food by Heinz? Is this any better than the regular Heinz baby food? Or is this just Heinz's new name for their baby food? It was not mentioned in the latest Baby Bargains book.
    I'm just starting to baby food shop... wondering what other people's experiences are!


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    MonsterMom2 Guest

    Default RE: Nature's Goodness Baby Food

    I usually buy based on sale price and coupons, but I think Heinz Nature's Goodness has a fresher, less processed flavor than most of the others. My son likes most of the Tender Harvest brand, but it can be expensive- I only buy with coupons. I don't really like Gerber and it seems to be more expensive in my local Kroger even with coupons. Beech-nut is OK. Another plus for Heinz is that they make a contribution to your local children's hospital for each label. You can deposit labels at your local Children's Hospital or at the grocery store. My Kroger keeps the deposit bin on a high shelf near the baby food.

    If you have time to try, check out library books or go on-line to learn about making your own baby food. You can control what goes into the food and it is supposed to be less expensive.

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