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    diane7 Guest

    Default Any Advice on Fisher-Price Bounce n'Play Activity Dome?

    We recently received the "Bounce n' Play" as a shower gift, but know nothing about it. We also received the "Sound n' Lights" bouncer and are wondering if these 2 things do the exact same thing, except of course that the activity dome has a cover. We have a small house and no room for "extra" things so we are looking for ANY advice to help us decide if we should keep or return the Activity Dome.

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    bhpaddie Guest

    Default RE: Advice on FP Bounce n'Play Activity Dome?

    I have a 3-month old and we also received the FP Bounce n' Play Activity Dome. We love it!

    I would consider it a luxury, not a necessity, but we use it all the time. At first, we used it in our living room for all of his naps. We could zip it up if we couldn't be there every second when the dog was around. We also took it when we visited friends. It is very portable and keeps them away from dog hair and from sun and mosquitoes if we were outside. On several occasions we took it for his bed instead of the Pack n' Play. It is much smaller and worked great. We also just used it on our trip to the beach. He stayed out of the sun and sand and had a great time playing with the dangling toys. (Which you can add other by using rings and the provided velcro.)

    It does not, however, provide the soothing vibration of a bouncey seat or the lights and music. Personally, I would not have survived the first two months without the bouncey seat. It is easily moved from room to room, and it kept our son happy for hours.

    If you can keep both, I certainly would. It folds up nicely, but if there is just no room, or if you could return the FP Bounce n' Play Activity Dome for something that is vital, you could live without it. :D

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