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    kfayaud Guest

    Default Bebe Sounds Heart Monitor - does it work?

    Just purchased this gadget so my husband can hear the baby's heartbeat. But it's not as good as the doppler used in the dr's office. I'm 21 weeks, and he cannot hear the baby's heartbeat (though we do hear the thugs of the baby moving). The directions say that it may take a few more weeks. Does anyone have this gadget and did it ever work for you? I'm thinking of returning it, but not sure.

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    TaraNY Guest

    Default RE: Bebe Sounds Heart Monitor - does it work?

    I've heard people say they could NEVER hear their baby's heartbeat using this device.

    You can rent a doppler for $30/month from Babybeat. That's about the same cost as the Bebe Sounds, isn't it? You could get it, let your husband hear for a few weeks, then send it back. More info on this is at I just returned mine recently as I'm due in 2 weeks. I was able to hear my baby's heartbeat with it at 11 weeks!

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    HOBSON725 Guest

    Default RE: Bebe Sounds Heart Monitor - does it work?

    I rented one from Heartones. It was $27.00 a month. I just loved having it here at home to listen to the heartbeat. I used it for one month and then I returned it...the company even pays for return shipping. I kept it around until I started feeling kicks. The website is


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    Kate Guest

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    Return it!! It never worked for us. The only thing we ever heard were gurgles from my stomach. We borrrowed a doppler from a friend who is a nurse and have no problem listening to both heartbeats... loud & clear (We're having twins). We thought this product was a total waste of money.

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    ACinnamonGirl Guest

    Default RE: Bebe Sounds Heart Monitor - does it work?

    My husband purchased the Bebe monitor when I was 14 weeks along - I know, I know it was waaaay to early, but he was very eager to hear the baby's heartbeat as soon as possible. :) We ended up returning the item when I was 28 weeks, because we were never able to pick up the baby's heartbeat. By then, I had undergone many ultrasounds (I had a high risk pregnancy) so we could hear & see the baby's heartbeat, and my husband was able to feel the baby moving from the outside my tummy. Save your money, and return the gadget. There are lots of other baby goodies to buy....

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