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    Default E&I bungee baby bouncer

    Has anyone used the E&I bungee baby bouncer? We received one as a gift, and are debating whether to put our almost 6 month-old in it. It seems less secure than the jumpers with trays/bumpers.

    I know that there was a recall of these bouncers about 2 1/2 years ago. When I called the company to ask whether there had been any further problems, I was assured that they're "perfect" (mmm hmm...)
    But I didn't see anything else about them on the CPSC website.

    thanks for your thoughts.

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    Default RE: E&I bungee baby bouncer

    We got one and love it. They were recalled a couple of years ago, but obviously fixed. My daughter loves being in it. We also considered the jumper with tray/bumper, but I felt those were less safe. The reason? Well, both types are secured by the hinge in the doorway (though E&I's lets you bypass the clamp over doortrim by also allowing a eye-type screw in a doorway). And both require constant parent supervision. That being said, if (heaven forbid) the thing were to fall down, I would rather my dd simply fall to the ground (from basically the standing position) without her little legs getting trapped under some clunky seat which could harm her. Not to mention, I think it would be a bit tempting to leave her in longer or unassisted with a seat than without, not something that is a good idea either way. Just my own take. One fun thing that E&I bungee bouncer allows is my husband likes to put her in the harness, hold where the straps slide onto the bar normally and "walk" her around the house. She loves it. It is especially fun for all to do this in front of the mirror. She laughs so hard she snorts. She looks like a little puppet...too cute.

    Just my take. I have 2 friends with the bumper jumpers who like those as well.
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