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    HOBSON725 Guest

    Default Confused about bottles and nipples

    Is there really a need for the angled bottles? I was at the store today and am confused about what bottle to use. I am going to formula feed. Also, I heard that the brown nipples can't go in the that true? What do you all think of Playtex?Gerber? Johnson&Johnson? Thanks,~ECH

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    kbalchus Guest

    Default RE: Confused about bottles and nipples

    I used the Avent bottles. I guess I picked them b/c I had heard the most positive things about them (compared to other brands). But I really think that it depends on your baby b/c I've heard of babies that also do great on Playtex, Dr. Brown's, etc. Maybe you could get one or two of a couple different brands to compare? If you're going to formula feed entirely for 12 months it would be worth it to find one that works really well for your baby. (As far as putting the brown (rubber) nipples in the dishwasher--I hadn't heard about that but it may be b/c the high heat would make them crack.)

    Take care,

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    lardai Guest

    Default RE: Confused about bottles and nipples

    I personally don't think there is a real need for an angled bottle although that doesn't mean it can't be a nice extra. I actually wanted to use the angled healthflow bottle but my daughter hated the nipple and wouldn't drink from that. I used playtex bottles with disposable liners which allow you to push out extra air in the bottle. I liked them a lot since my picky daughter liked them and I was given several as gifts anyway. Although online I read that many people use/love avent in my real life experience most people I know happily use playtex. If I remember correctly the back of the nipple package said to boil the nipple the first time but after that just to wash it in hot soapy water because the boiled water or dishwasher contributes to the nipple deteriorating faster (this was when my dd was born 18 months ago).

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    brighleymom01 Guest

    Default RE: Confused about bottles and nipples

    Our RN told us there isn't really a need for angled bottles. If you like that design, they're fine, but she said it is really important to make sure you always hold your baby in more of an upright angled position than a flat, lying position while feeding and sometimes the angled bottles make it too easy to lie the baby flat. If baby lies flat while nursing it "may" cause ear infections because the formula comes out faster and it may pool in the back of her throat.

    As far as bottles, we like Avent but we haven't had experience with the other brands so that may not help much.

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    mom2mara Guest

    Default RE: Confused about bottles and nipples

    Like so many other posters on this topic, I use Avent and love them.
    I have been feeding our daughter from them since she was born (she's almost 7 months now) and have had no problems with this excellent system.

    We use the reusable bottles, though they do make a disposable line.
    They are more expensive than some models, but I think they're worth it. It's a wonderful brand.

    Take care,

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    suzska Guest

    Default RE: Confused about bottles and nipples

    I bought one of each kind--Playtex, Gerber, an angled J&J, and Avent--right after my son was born. I got the silicone orthodontic nipples to replace what came with some of the bottles. The BF nurse at the hospital said to only use the silicone nipples, although I don't remember why at this point. The only bottle that really seemed to work for him was the Gerber ones with the ortho nipple. That's what we're still using today, just the bigger size, and he's almost 9 mo. old. We have two of the cheap dishwasher baskets, and just put everything in the dishwasher now. For the first few months, however, I would rinse everything well and sterilize them with the Avent microwave sterilizer--I LOVE that thing! It will take any brand of bottles. I use it now for his "binkies" every few days. Oh, we use the silicone Gerber NUK pacifiers that are just like the bottle nipples, so my son had no trouble with them.

    --Sue B.

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    1sttimemom Guest

    Default RE: Confused about bottles and nipples

    I use Avent bottles as many others have said, but received playtex as gifts and my daughter who also breastfeeds has had no problem going from one to the other. I use the angled playtex in the car for road trips. I found that because of the angle her seat is at, the avent can't tip enough for her to finish without pushing on her nose. I think the playtex I have are stage 2 nipples or bigger so aren't for newborns- but there is quite a variety out there. (You're not going to totally eliminate gas anyway.)

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    opus Guest

    Default RE: Confused about bottles and nipples

    I started using Avent but then tried the Dr. Brown's bottles (by Handi-Craft). I have been very pleased with the Dr. Brown's. My baby is less gassy, using the Dr. Brown's bottle (as they claim). Some have had problems Dr. Brown's leaking, but this only happened once with me and I found that the nipple was not seated properly in the ring. Because the bottles run about $5 each, I use the Avent bottles I already have to store my expressed milk and once I warm it, I transfer it to the Dr. Brown's. Just my two-cents.

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    suzska Guest

    Default RE: Confused about bottles and nipples

    I just wanted to add that we will be going on an 8-day trip with our son soon, and I wanted to use disposable bottles (which we hadn't used up until this point). Again I went out and bought three different brands to try, and tried to get silicone nipples to go with them. Nobody make a silicone ortho nipple for a disposable bottle that I've found. Well my son refused the Avent, the Playtex (round-top silicone), and the Johnson's bottles that I tried. He actually would scream and wouldn't even let me put the bottle in his mouth. (He certainly recognizes his regular Gerber bottles.) So I picked up a Playtex Latex Ortho nipple (the only ortho nipple I could find for a disposable) even though I wasn't crazy about latex. Well, he's been using them (mostly) happily for the past 2 days. My husband thinks the flow rate might not be fast enough for him, even though they are "medium" flow rate for 0-12 months--the only "size" they come in. My son seems to have to work pretty hard to get the formula out. I managed to locate what seems like a discontiued product from that is a "nipple adapter" from Evenflo. I ordered a few and the package is supposedly on its way. They allow you to use a reusable nipple with a disposable bottle. I don't know how they'll work, but we'll see soon enough. I can't imagine why nobody else makes anything like this. But then maybe they don't work, and that's why they are discontinued.

    Oh, and the Playtex nipples said to boil them the first time, and then just wash them by hand after that. The Johnson's ones said not to even boil them! And of course Avent wants you to always sterilize them it seems.

    --Sue B.
    SAHM to Evan Jeffrey 03-11-01

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