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    smcgovern Guest

    Default Fisher Price Take-Along-Swing

    Wondering if anyone has tried this new, smaller, portable swing? Space is a big issue for us but I don't want to compromise quality if a full-size swing is much better and worth the space it takes up. Thx!

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    TaraNY Guest

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    I saw it in a magazine in November and decided I just HAD to have it for both space conservation and portability, but I wasn't able to find it anywhere online or in stores. Then I told a friend in Houston and she managed to find one and she LOVES it. However, she tells me the swing is for babies 17 pounds and under. Since my baby is already somewhere in the 14 pound range, it didn't seem like a good investment for the time I could use it. (Since the holidays, the local Wal-Mart has stocked this item and it sells for $65.

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    opus Guest

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    I purchased the Deluxe Take A Long Swing at my local Babies R Us. (They did not carry the regular Take A Long Swing).

    I have to say that in theory it sounds great but in the real world it is not. First of all it doesn't swing very much. Maybe over about a 6" span so the baby really doesn't get the feeling of motion too much. The motor is very LOUD. Also, the "eight speeds" are laughable since the swing moves so little. If you want the lights feature turned on, you also have to have the music which I find irritating. Between the music and the motor, it doesn't appear to be a soothing experience. There is a feature where the baby has to pull a toy down in order to turn on the lights & music, but it is placed so far over to one side the baby has to really lean in the seat to get to it versus just being able to reach out and get to it.

    I just had to have it because it seemed like a life saver, being able to pick it up and carry it from room to room. I regret buying it. I suspect others will pick up on the idea and make a better model.

    By the way, I have a Fisher Price Swing and meals. I suspect it has the same motor in it because it, too, is quite loud. The daycare I have used has a Graco swing which makes virtually no noise. Maybe Graco will come out with a portable swing that is quieter and more thought through.

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