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    coreysmom Guest

    Default Kudos for Fisher-Price Vibrating Monitor

    Hi, just thought you'd like to know I bought this new product at BabiesRUs for about $40 and love it. It is sort of like a baby pager! I love being able to turn the sound off and go about my business (vacuum, get mail, etc.) and still be connected to my son. Our first baby monitor bit the dust, and this one works great for us so far. You can turn the vibrating feature off, and put the sound on low, so there is just the lights as indicator of baby noise. Only complaint I have is that sometimes, if there is a plane flying low overhead or a large truck on our street, the monitor will go off. The parent unit comes with a rechargeable battery. It also supposedly has a long range, but I haven't tried that out yet. Hope this helps.

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    GreenIZ1971 Guest

    Default RE: Kudos for Fisher-Price Vibrating Monitor

    I just bought one too at Target for $39. Haven't had a chance to really use it (due June 4), but it is very sensitive and clear, and I love how small it is - no bulky antennaes. I like that I can take it outside and make noise and still know if I'm needed.

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