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    skinnycat Guest

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    my daughter is 9 months old and i want to introduce her to a sippy cup. any recommendations? i'm looking at the avent magic cup, gerber and playtex sippy cups. thanks!

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    suzska Guest

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    Sorry, I can't help. My son is almost 10.5 months old, and I still can't get him to use a sippy cup. :-( I have tried Avent, Gerber (w/ and w/o handles), and a few others. He still sees it as a toy and would rather chew on it and smack it around than try to drink out of it. I haven't tried in a couple weeks, so maybe it's time to try again?!?

    Good luck, though!

    --Sue B.
    SAHM to Evan Jeffrey 03-11-01

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    kk Guest

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    I found the Avent magic cup, playtex and gerber to be too rigid for a beginner sippy cup user. I started with the admittedly leaky Avent soft spout, which is very pliable and soft. It fits on any Avent bottle/cup system. Once she got the hang of it, I switched to the Avent line. I found the soft spout at babies R US, but Target did not have it. Now that she is 15 months and can drink out anything, I use the Playtex and Gerber cups. Avent magic cup is nice, but it has 4 pieces total to it. A real pain to wash. Playtex and Gerber are cheaper and only have 2 pieces.

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    Jackie Guest

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    My DS is 9 1/2 months old and I just introduced him last week to a sippy cup. I am using the Playtex cup and he got the hang of it right away. He likes to chew,throw and shake it around but he can hold it and drink from it already on his own. I am using the ones with the indented grips on the side.

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    suzindrew Guest

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    My son is 7 1/2 months and we introduced him to a sippy cup at about 6 months. He's breastfed and stopped taking a bottle awhile ago so we decided to try the sippy cup. We've tried both Avent and Gerber and he prefers the Gerber. The one with handles is easiest for him to use at this point.


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    mpitman Guest

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    I used Playtex disposable bottle line for both of my children. They make a nipple that is a trainer spout. Feels just like the regular nipples, doesn't leak, and gives them the idea of still using the bottles until they get used to the different spout. Then I gave them a Playtex sippy cup and they took right to it.

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